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Halloween Spooktacular: Day Thirty-First [All Hallows’ Eve]

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Trick ‘r Treat, 2007
dir. Michael Dougherty

Of course, I could have ended my marathon any other way. This I think can be considered a modern classic in terms of Halloween movies, right? I was really looking forward to it, because Michael Dougherty’s latest film, Krampus, was probably one of my favourite films of last year, so I knew he could do horror pretty well — and, boy, did it deliver!

This is really great, definitely what a modern Halloween movie should be. It’s all these short stories linked together by a neighbourhood, and you really only spend a few minutes with each. There’s some fun twists with some of the characters, and awesome deaths as well, and at times it gets genuinely creepy! I definitely agree with Jay Bauman that, if anyone has to remake The Gremlins, it needs to be Michael Dougherty, ’cause anyone else will fuck it up.

Well, this is it! It’s been a scaretastic month, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Some really great films have been discovered, and my DVD collection has now expanded beyond the boundaries of my shelves, which is great ha-ha.

Now to Christmas!