Halloween Spooktacular: Day Twenty

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Thirst, 2009
dir. Chan-wook Park

Can we just settle right now that Chan-wook Park is pretty much one of the most interesting filmmakers of the past few decades? Are we good for that? Yeah? Okay.

As per usual, this is a really beautiful film, it looks phenomenal, sharp contrast, lit like a dream, really interesting mise-en-scene. It’s really funny as well, which was delightfully unexpected. It looked more like a proper horror film at first, but it ended up kind of a dramedy featuring lots of blood and gore.

I don’t really know what else to say about this. I personally would’ve enjoyed it a lot more it’d been a little shorter. A hundred and thirty minutes is too much for this kind of film, but I didn’t mind it as much I thought I would. Overall, an excellent film that I’m looking forward to including in horror watches in the future.