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Halloween Spooktacular: Day Fifteen

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The Children, 2008
dir. Tom Shankland

Overall I would describe this film as The Happening but with children instead of pollen, but also a lot better.

It’s good! I liked it a lot. There’s some fun kills, and interesting development of the plot. I like the idea of murderous children because children are already the scariest things ever anyway. The shit kids say, it’s like they crawled all the way up from hell sometimes, it’s terrifying. So it was very fitting. But my favourite part was that there was never any attempt to explain anything. The characters were just thrown into the mess and their thoughts were just on how to survive — there was no news broadcast saying children were killing everybody, and it’s not until the end that we learn that this is ALL the children. Plus, the open ending was great, I love when horror films end open like that. The cinematography is beautiful at some points as well, there’s some great shots of blood in snow and frozen things, pretty fantastic.

Of course there were some problems with it, I thought the characterisations were bit flat for the most part, and the ADR was terrible up until the middle of the film, but once it gets going, you really forget about all that, because it’s goes from 8 to 80 and it’s murders galore.

Really fun film! And perfect for a Scary Children movie marathon.