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Halloween Spooktacular: Day Seventeen

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Julia’s Eyes, 2010
dir. Guillem Morales

Proper chilling! This film felt really new and refreshing, and the whole idea behind it is very clever. When it gets to the end, a real tension sets in, and there’s an element of danger that makes it very thrilling to watch. I loved it!

The best part about it was how it was shot. We are never shown faces of people Julia doesn’t know. If she doesn’t know what they look like, neither do we, and it’s almost like we’re blind together, which builds a great deal of tension and horror, and then shock when we finally get to see “Ivan” and he looks wholly unthreatening and sort of pathetic.

It’s a well put together film, and there are elements of Del Toro in it, even though he is only the producer (I don’t know how much involvement he had in the making of this) and the etherealness of it is similar to Pan’s Labyrinth. There’s a somber quality to it, the film itself is very blue and downcast, and it feels like a suspended reality.

Fantastic film, could not recommend it more.