Halloween Spooktacular: Day Thirty

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Dagon, 2001
dir. Stuart Gordon

I would describe this film as a mix of Call of Cthulu, Temple of Doom, and The Fog, only less entertaining. And to be fair, if Jeffrey Combs had been in the lead role, I probably would have enjoyed it a million times more. But as it is, it’s an okay film.

I was really looking forward to it because Re-Animator is one of my favourite films of all time, so I admit this film had a lot to live up to, and I’ll forgive it for not delivering because how can you beat Re-Animator? Really? Impossible.

It’s a fun little plot, with Cthulu creatures and whatnot, and I really liked the bleak sort of ending, because happy endings in horror films are a total bummer. It’s an open ending that really gives you that hint that everything’s going to shit in approximately two minutes after the credits start rolling, so I approve.

Overall, it is terribly schlocky and over-the-top, and nonsensical, but with a few friends and some drinks, it’d be a pretty fun watch.


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