Halloween Spooktacular: Day Twenty-Six

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Prince of Darkness, 1987
dir. John Carpenter

This is the first part of my John Carpenter triple-bill (it was supposed to be In the Mouth of Madness but due to technical issues I left that for later in the day) and it’s the second instalment of John Carpenter’s “Apocalypse Trilogy,” which I was particularly excited about because The Thing (first part of the trilogy) is only my favourite ever horror film.

I really enjoyed this. Maybe the enjoyment was exacerbated by the memories of seeing John Carpenter play the theme from this film live, but regardless, it’s a class JC film, crazy creative and really fun to watch. There are some awesome practical effects and make-up, and the little Alice Cooper cameo really is a joy. There’s also some regular players in Carpenter’s films, like Donald Pleasance who played Dr. Loomis in Halloween, and Dennis Dun who was Wang in Big Trouble in Little China. The visual elements of a good John Carpenter film are all there, as well as a really cool synth score. It isn’t a good as his most well-known classics, but there’s some genuinely creepy stuff in it, and I think a triple-bill of the Apocalypse Trilogy would be a great watch.


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