Halloween Spooktacular: Day Twenty-Seven

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Vampires, 1998
dir. John Carpenter

Even vampires are awesome when John Carpenter does them!

Seriously, though, this film is awesome! James Woods is really cool in it, very much like the Plissken-type characters in Carpenter’s films, kind of a rogue, a renegade, dark past, etc. But the twist is he works for the Catholic church! That’s an interesting concept, that the church has teams around the world hunting and killing vampires. Makes me want to read the book this film was based on.


It’s in the desert in New Mexico, but there’s enough change of scenery that it’s a very rich-looking film. The machismo of it does annoy me a little, these rough dudes talking rough threatening to beat people up, but I think the story is interesting enough that I could get over that relatively easily.

However, the true shining star in this film is the music. Very cool, very different from Carpenter’s usual synth scores, but still has that bounce to it that gets your head bobbing, you know? It sounds more like the music from his recent albums (Lost Themes I and II) than from his other films like Escape from New York or The Fog, and it’s just really good. This is just another underrated John Carpenter film that everyone should go see.


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