Halloween Spooktacular: Day Ten

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Halloween III: Season of the Witch, 1982
dir. Tommy Lee Wallace

First of all, why isn’t “happy happy Halloween” the theme song for the holiday? As a global collective, we are missing out. Just saying.


This was super fun! I enjoyed it a lot, and not just because I am a John Carpenter nut and this was produced by him. (Okay, maybe a little because of that.) But it had lots of the elements that made the original Halloween great without ripping off or rehashing the Michael Meyers myth. The idea of an early Halloween film based around the holiday itself is so great, and it’s a shame that people didn’t take to it and that studios backed out on it — it would’ve been amazing! I really did like this a lot, though, from the look of it (kudos to the ever-amazing DoP Dean Cundey) to the fun plot. The music was amazing, as per usual, with John Carpenter’s synth resonating eerily throughout the film.

I think what made this really proper good, though, was the simplicity of it. There was no convoluted plot, just an evil evil man. The computer witchcraft wasn’t overly explained, because it’s fine, we believe in it. The more you explain the fantastical elements of a story, the less suspended your audience’s disbelief will be. Just let it be what it is, and this film does it pretty well. And finally, the miserable end is very Halloween-y, this illusion that the bad guy has been defeated, but actually nope it all went to shit anyway.

Why this isn’t more popular amongst horror fans, I don’t know, but it’s definitely a crucial Halloween watch, probably even more so than all the other Halloween sequels because it doesn’t try to beat a dead horse to death but it creates its own myth while really capturing the spirit of the holiday.

Happy happy Halloween Halloween. Happy happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!


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