Halloween Spooktacular: Day Nine

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Candyman, 1992
dir. Bernard Rose

Yet another horror classic I hadn’t seen before. Stupidly so, too, because it’s freaking amazing! I love love love this film, it’s truly brutal and a very engaging watch.

I loved how they used the mythology and real-life stories to build the plot, and how it wasn’t the usual slasher tropes of Bad Guy Chases Girl with Knife, but rather a more intricate relationship. The Candyman actively destroying her life bit by bit so that she would join him, and Helen’s own story of redemption and succumbing to the evil that she would become. (Though admittedly, “say Helen five times” is much less scary than “say Candyman five times.”)

It was interesting as well how they tried to build a racial commentary into the film, the relationship between black communities in the ghetto and the police, and their own relationship within these communities. I don’t really know if it was particularly successful, but they did try to do something there.

Great film for Halloween — a scary myth, lots of gore, and a brutally shocking ending. With the ditzy blond screaming while holding a knife, ha-ha.


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