Halloween Spooktacular: Day Five

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The Green Inferno, 2013
dir. Eli Roth

There are two sides of me when I think of this film. The English degree side that can’t stop but hate the rampant colonialism displayed by this film, which echoes Cannibal Holocaust in the worst possible ways. But also the horror buff side that really digs all the gore and relentless display of human misery in Eli Roth’s films. Unfortunately I can’t pick one, so I both hate and love this film in equal measure.

In this film, Eli Roth succeeds in making a horrible 70s exploitation film, from the horrific portrayal of natives, to the uncensored gore, right down to the awful acting. Every single actor in this film is horrible, but in a fun, B-movie way, because if they were good, the film wouldn’t be half as entertaining.

However, The Green Inferno still perpetuates outdated ideals of indigenous tribes, and that makes me very uncomfortable because it isn’t Cannibal Holocaust, this isn’t the 70s, it’s 2016, and evil should not be taking shape of native populations. And the use of female genital mutilation as a plot point felt cheap and unnecessary because millions of women really do suffer from it every day, have their lives and bodies destroyed by it every day, and this film cheapens it by making it another hurdle our main character needs to get through.

Still, if you turn off the part of your brain that cares about such things, I suppose this is an entertaining film on a most basic level. I much prefer Eli Roth’s Hostel series in terms of gore and fun deaths, even general plot, but it’s an okay addition to this filmography, and definitely should be part of your collection if you’re interested in gory exploitation films.


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