Halloween Spooktacular: Day Four

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Angel Heart, 1987
dir. Alan Parker

First of all, this isn’t actually a horror film, it turns out. Whoever says it is, they’re lying. It’s a supernatural thriller, but there’s nothing really scary about it. So now that’s out of the way…

I found this film very disappointing. It’s very predictable, so I got bored with it pretty soon and found myself struggling to pay attention, except when Robert De Niro was onscreen, which were the best parts of the film. Unfortunately, he isn’t in it long enough to actually make it interesting.

The whole I was watching this, I was just wishing it were Jacob’s Ladder instead. They have thematic similarities, even plot-wise they are somewhat alike, except the mysteries of Jacob’s Ladder are gripping, like a supernatural Manchurian Candidate (only not at all like that, as it turns out.) Meanwhile, the plot twist in Angel Heart isn’t really a twist at all, because it’s all very convenient. Besides, there are far too many breasts for me to be comfortable. Gratuitous nudity is very boring, especially when it’s only women (sure, we see his butt for like two seconds, but it is covered in blood so I don’t think it counts.)

I don’t know, it’s an okay film, well made and all, but it’s not really my cup of tea. I find these types of mysteries very boring, and for a horror film (seriously, it’s tagged as Horror on IMDb — why??) there’s nothing even remotely scary about it.

Oh well, we march on.


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