Halloween Spooktacular: Day Three

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All Cheerleaders Die, 2013
dir. Lucky McKee / Chris Siverston


Another word: YES.

This film is wonderful because it tricks you into thinking it will be one of those dumb high school movies with jocks and stupid revenge and whatnot, then it becomes about girls taking down evil boys by using their man-eating powers. Also lesbian love saves the day (sort of) in the end. It’s wonderful, I love it. Give me more schlocky horror with un-sexualised lesbians, please.

In all seriousness, I would describe this film as a mix of The Craft, Bring it On, and Heathers. It’s got the hallmarks of your average teen movie, but it uses them to sort of empower these girls. They’re not fighting for the guy, but rather they are fighting the guy. One of them overcomes her rape and straight up destroys her rapist. The bond of sisterhood is proven more important than anything else.

Sure, the set-up is a little clunky, but it pays off at the end, and by the time the story gets going, the film is really captivating and entertaining. The special effects are not the best, but it never looks particularly cheap, and the gore stuff is really great.

Go ahead and put this in your feminist horror night, it definitely belongs there!



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