Film Review: “Tu dors Nicole”

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Tu dors Nicole, 2014

dir. Stéphane Lafleur

This Quebecois film follows Nicole enjoying a very warm summer at home while her parents are away. She goes to work and spends time with her best friend Veronique, until her older brother shows up with his band and disrupts her enjoyment. There’s not much plot to it, it’s really more a character study.

The film is in black and white, which I liked because they used it to its best. The effects of light and shadows were beautiful, and were impeccably used in this. They even managed to convey the heat without colour, which was great.

The actors were all really good, especially Julianne Côté, who plays Nicole. She reminded me of Greta Gerwig, and the whole film had a very distinctive Frances Ha feel, only without the dancing. And even the script was really tight and solid, everything paying off in the end. He emergency kit, the geysers, and her problem with her bicycle lock. Every little detail is called back, referenced, paid off, which makes for a very well-rounded and solid film.

It is also surprisingly funny. Mostly with the character of Martin, a young boy whose voice changed early, and he is really tiny and skinny with a very deep voice, which is already hilarious, but the way he speaks is great, and he is in love with Nicole, so their interactions are great.

This was a very unique film, with interesting characters and very well-crafted. I enjoyed watching it a lot, and I could not recommend it more. It’s like if Diablo Cody wrote a film and Noah Baumbach directed it, to give you a better picture. So go see it! Now!

review by Mariana Duarte  


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