Film Review: “The Overnight”

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The Overnight, 2015

dir. Patrick Brice

This is one of the films I was looking forward to the most, and it paid off! It is fantastically funny and surprisingly endearing. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from it, all I knew was Sex Comedy, which already sold me on it because sex comedies can be brilliant if done properly. Like this one.

The film follows a couple, Alex and Emily (Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling), as they move to LA from Seattle with their son and struggle to make new friends. While at the part, they meet Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) whose son starts to play with Alex and Emily’s on the playground. Soon they are invited to a playdate-pizza party at Kurt’s house, where they meet his wife Charlotte (Judith Godrèche), and after they put the kids to bed and start hanging out together, that’s where the party really begins. They discover Kurt’s painting hobby, how Kurt and Charlotte make money, and that they seemingly perfect relationship isn’t all it seems from the outside.

And it is much more than Sex Comedy. The characters were interesting, and the men were much more sexualised than the women, which was another pleasant surprise. In fact, there was a lot of homoeroticism in this, between both the men and the women, which is great to see in a mainstream US comedy. The cast were wonderful, Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman shining particularly bright as they played off each other, during their conversations in particular. Scott plays his character issue with his small penis in a very interesting way, and delivers some of the sweetest moments of the film.

The pay off at the end was sexy and a bit surreal, and it cemented this film as one of my favourites in the festival. This is a great story about marriage, love, and sex, as well as friendship, parenthood and self-love. It is also a very brave film, not afraid to tackle awkward head first. I could not recommend it more.

review by Mariana Duarte


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