Film Review: “The D Train”

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The D Train, 2015

dir. Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul

[review contain spoilers]

Loved. This. Perhaps one of the most subversive mainstream comedies I’ve ever seen. The D Train is the story of Dan Landsman (Jack Black), the unpopular head of his high school alumni committee who wants to gain popularity by finding and brining the post popular guy in school, Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), who is now an commercial actor in LA, to the high school 20th reunion. So he flies to LA to try to convince him to come to the reunion. He digs himself into a hole of lies to his boss and his wife to get to LA, and when he is there hanging out with Lawless, they end up partying until late, doing drugs and getting drunk, and they sleep together. As in, sexually. Yep. Lawless is casual about it because he “doesn’t like labels” (which is usually movie-code for bi) and Dan freaks out about it. When Lawless goes to the reunion, everything goes up in the air ultimately leading to a surprisingly heartfelt conclusion.

This film was really funny, and I can genuinely say this was the best performance in Jack Black’s career. His character has this sadness, weakness about him that is all hidden behind his eyes, and he comes alive in this role. It’s surprisingly touching and sweet, and sometimes frustrating. And the rest of the cast is amazing as well, especially James Marsden and Russell Posner (who plays Dan’s son, Zach) who are also really funny. Posner has amazing comedic timing, and plays off Black very well in their scenes together.

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Went in knowing nothing about, and it ended up being really subversive with regards to sexuality and masculinity, and also really clever in its humour. it was really well-made, very good looking, and well-written. Definitely go watch it when it comes out, it’s really worth it.

review by Mariana Duarte


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