Film Review: “Meet Me in Montenegro”

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Meet Me in Montenegro, 2014

dir. Alex Holdridge, Linnea Saasen

Meet Me in Montenegro might be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. It’a a semi-autobiographical comedy of an failed American filmmaker (Anderson, played by Holdridge) who meets a Norwegian dancer (Lina, played by Saasen) in Berlin, falls in love and gets dumped when they go to Montenegro together. Four years later, he goes back to Berlin for a business meeting with Jason Ritter of all people, and rekindles the romance with Lina. The subplot of the film is the story of his friends who live in Germany, Stephen (Rupert Friend) and his girlfriend Rike (Jennifer Ulrich), who are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

It seems like your average, bland rom-com, but it’s so much worse than that. The whole plot is inane and kind of ridiculous, and the dialogue itself is stunted and badly written (badly delivered as well.) The characters lack any kind of motivation, and every decision they make comes out of nowhere. It’s clear the filmmakers were going for something cutesy and quirky with Anderson and Lina’s relationship, but it just feels forced because there’s no chemistry there. And the jumps between the main storyline and the subplot of his friends’ relationship was very distracting, especially because the subplot was maybe even more ridiculous than the main story, and it really came out of nowhere.

And the film itself was really badly directed and edited. It looks so cheap and shoddy, and the editing is confusing. Everything just looked flat and boring, and there were some drawing effects which made me wonder if they were going for a Juno-type indie movie-dom. Even the soundtrack was bad, with some of the most awkward music choices I’ve ever heard. They just didn’t match the tone of the film, it was like a complete amateur was making this.

I hated every second of this film. There was no heart in it, no talent, nothing of note, just boredom and annoyance (mostly on my part.)

review by Mariana Duarte 


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