Film Review: “Blood Cells”

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Blood Cells, 2014

dir. Joseph Bull, Luke Seomore

I didn’t really understand this movie. It’s essentially the story of a lonely man returning home after his family was destroyed by a disease. The film is his journey, he goes back to visit people he knew from his past and wanders around. There’s a lot of wandering around in this film.

Supposedly you’d expect a lead actor to carry a film like this, even through long stretches with no dialogue, being the focal point so that you’re engaged as a viewer (for instance, like Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin), but that doesn’t really happen. Adam (Barry Ward) is fine, but not even uninteresting enough to be interesting. He’s just there, and things happen at him, and he talks to people, and he goes places, and then the movie ends, and you’re left with as much as you had at the beginning. I am honestly not sure what they were trying to do with this.

I did like the camera work. It reminded me of Under the Skin as well, though a bit in the opposite way, because they focused on the uglier bits, the rustier bits, the wonkier bits of the British countryside. The landscapes are sort of abandoned, oblique, not very conducive to much, and it is an good backdrop for the story unfolding in the film. Or at least it would be if there was a story, which there isn’t. Things just happen.

I quite like films where nothing happens, but there has to be a reason, and in this I saw none, so it wasn’t a film I particularly enjoyed watching. I wouldn’t not recommend it, because I know a lot of people who enjoyed this, but it’s really more indifference on my part.

review by Mariana Duarte 


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