Film Review: “Addicted to Fresno”

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Addicted to Fresno, 2015

dir. Jamie Babbit

This was great! It’s the story of two sisters, Martha (Natasha Lyonne) and Shannon (Judy Greer) who work together as maids in a hotel in Fresno. They are very co-dependent, and Shannon has just left rehab for sex addiction. After a misunderstanding, they end up in big trouble, and the rest of the story is them trying to fix their mistake. Also Martha is in love with her gym trainer who is played by Aubrey Plaza, and they are really cute together.

(Mind you, I saw this film in my accidentally themed homosexual day at the festival, where all the films I watched had LGBT characters and subplots, which was great!)

It’s great to see Natasha Lyonne and Judy Greer in leading roles, and in this film they are great! Very different from the roles they usually play, which showcases how great they are. Especially Greer, I think, because her character is so flawed and complex, and she portrays her relationship with her sister in a really interesting way.

This is definitely a dark comedy, and the plot progresses in a hilarious and somewhat realistic way. You could see something like this happening in the real world, and the ending is a great pay-off for the whole film. The film is not afraid to be outrageous — there’s a scene where Martha and Shannon have a surplus of dildos and they go to a women’s softball convention to try to sell them because they need to make twenty-five thousand dollars. It’s a hilarious montage, and great to see a comedy with leading females that isn’t afraid to be open about sex.

Even though it isn’t a particularly memorable film, I still really liked it, and I think everyone should see it because there are still few comedies that are as refreshingly funny as this.

review by Mariana Duarte


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