EIFF 2015 Round-Up – The Reviews

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So, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is over, which is sad, but it means it’s time to post my thoughts on the films I watched this year! It was a lot more than last year, which is great. I saw some really great films, and some really shitty ones, so there was nice balance.

I attended the Empire Podcast Live with Robert Sheehan, Emily Mortimer and Corin Hardy, and that was really fun! I also sang at karaoke, talked to a lot of great people, and met Freeman Agyeman (the high point of the whole thing, by the way.) It was a brilliant experience, and EIFF 2016 cannot come soon enough!

Anyway, here are the titles which I reviewed:

post by Mariana Duarte


One thought on “EIFF 2015 Round-Up – The Reviews

    2015 in Film: a Retrospective « Filmology said:
    December 27, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    […] but still the films made the most impact. The entire collection of reviews I wrote can be found here, but because this is a retrospective and we’re suppose to retrospect, I’d like to talk […]


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