Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

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Hey all!

As you may or may not know, Filmology is based in Edinburgh, and so we are very into everything movie-related that happens in this beautiful city. In June, Edinburgh hosts the EIFF, which is a small but brilliant film festival that receives many important and famous guests every year (you can check out my post about the EIFF 2014 here.) In only a week, the full programme will be released, but over the past few days, they have released a lot of info about the Scottish films that will grace the many screens of the festival, and boy do they look amazing! You can check the full details here, but let me just say there are some cool people there. Robert Carlyle’s film featuring Emma Thompson will be the opening film on the 17th, and there is much more awesome Scottish talent, from Frankie Boyle to Karen Gillan, and her directorial debut.

I will post more information as the festival goes along, as I will be working in it again this year (I’m sooo excited!!!), but for now, please check out the gorgeous promo sting with the brand new design of the EIFF logo. It’s really beautiful, and I hope that will inspire you folk who live in or around Edinburgh to check out the festival.


post by Mariana Duarte 


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