Film Review: “Wreck-It Ralph”

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Wreck-It Ralph, 2013

dir. Rich Moore


Brilliant! Well done, Disney, this is fantastic!

First of all: Paperman. They showed Paperman before the film, and I absolutely love that short! It’s so sweet and endearing, and the style of the cartoon is absolutely amazing. Wonderful indeed.

Now, Wreck-It Ralph. The best part of this movie is that even though it’s clearly for gamers, it’s not just for them. I myself am not one, but I got the jokes and it was a lot of fun to watch. The way they used the classic gaming characters was awesome (Sonic the Hedgehog giving the announcements, Fix-It Felix Jr commenting on Mario always being late, Pacman and the ghosts) and a bunch of the new games they invented actually looked pretty cool. Sugar Rush seemed to be a mix of Candyland and Mario Kart, right? At least I thought so – and is it weird that I want to play it?. Ahem, moving on.

Speaking of Sugar Rush, can we just talk about how clever the Disney guys are? I mean, seriously. The Nesquick Sand thing killed me! Also, the way they used  the whole Mentos-on-Diet-Coke thing was really cool. So Kudos for that.

The whole style of it is great, though. How they did the games, especially the pixels! Seriously, pay close attention to when Ralph destroys the cake in the penthouse – you’ll see how the cake splatter forms a pixelated pattern. Also, the way that the characters move outside of the game is astounding! The guys from Fix-It Felix Jr move in that retro game style, whereas the Hero’s Dutyguys are more human. Great stuff.

Other great stuff: the viruses. Really clever. And the whole business of unplugging the game. It makes a weird amount of sense, and it’s clever as well. I love it when they treat children as the clever devious little monsters they are. No coddling. Brilliant.

Other than the amazing graphics and the Game Central Station, what was great about this was the general message. These children’s movies always do have a message don’t they? But this is great. It’s all about not judging someone for what they do – that bad people are not always bad people. And, of course, there are the good old ‘friendship and love are the key’ and ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ morals that come with every single child’s movie ever made in the history of the planet. But that’s okay, because Wreck-It Ralph is awesome.

A must-watch even if you don’t like cartoons.

review by Mariana Duarte


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